Honorable mention, New York Center for Photographic Arts, Primary Colors Exhibition

I am honored to announce that my image, “Feeling Groovy”, was selected by juror, Stephen Perloff, as honorable mention for the New York Center for Photographic Arts, 2019, Primary Colors exhibition. There were a total of 46 images selected for the exhibition out of almost 1000 images submitted.

This image is very dear to me as it was created in my home town of Portland, Oregon back in 2012. The image was juried into my first group gallery exhibition in 2014, at the Lightbox Gallery in Astoria, Oregon, and it received my first international recognition, being granted honorable mention, for the Prix de la photographie Paris competition in 2014.

I remember at the time, thinking it was just a fluke that my work received these acknowledgements. I felt very out of place being new to the photographic art world. My mentor at the time, Joni Kabana, kept saying that this was just the beginning for me, and it was not an accident. She said I had talent, and that she could see good things for me in my future. I had a hard time fully believing that, yet she kept encouraging me to continue to follow my passion as a photographer, create new work, and keep putting myself out there. I am grateful for her belief in me, and her ongoing support and encouragement. Since that time, I have won international awards for my work and been in several exhibitions, both nationally and internationally.

December 2018, I retired from my 34 year career as a registered nurse, and moved to the south of France to live my dream of being a full-time fine art and portrait photographer. Since that time, many doors have opened for me here in France. I have the most amazing group of friends, and the amount of love and support I feel is incredible. This place inspires me to be my very best, and to be open to trust and allow good things to happen. I am no longer doubting myself. I believe all things are possible, and that I can live my life as an artist. Life is good!

It is interesting to me how the events of our lives are so interconnected. We don’t always understand the deeper meaning of our experiences, or where they are leading us. But, I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and in time, it will be revealed.

As I was looking at the images that were chosen for the 2019 Primary Colors exhibition, I noticed that, my mentor and friend, Joni Kabana, had one of her images selected as honorable mention. What a lovely surprise to see her image in the same exhibition! For me, it was another beautiful message from the universe confirming that I am on the right path, and showing me how far I have come since 2014. Back then, I could never image I would be where I am now. It is a good lesson in trusting, allowing, and listening to the people around you, and saying, “thank you for believing in me”, even when you are not sure you are worthy of the compliments.

To check out all the wonderful images selected for the exhibition, click on this link. It is such and honor to be amongst these photographers!

Finally, If you, or anyone you know, is traveling to the south of France and would like to have unique and beautiful portraits made with me, contact me soon. I have my calendar ready to go for the upcoming season, and I am expecting to be quite busy here in beautiful Provence, France.

Feeling Groovy, 2013

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