Housewives Gone Mad: Featuring Carla Rossi

I had the great fortune of collaborating with Carla Rossi, aka, Anthony Hudson on this shoot.  I met Carla Rossi in August of 2011 during a photography workshop.  I was mesmerized her, and instantly knew I wanted to work with, and feature her in one of my, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" shoots.   After a few years, we were finally able to coordinate out schedules, and this is the result of a very long, but fun filled day of shooting.

A huge thanks to my amazing team of creatives;  Michele Wade: hairstylist, Carla Rossi: model, Malia Rodgers: model, Tyler Verigin: videographer, lighting and set design assistant, Justine Verigin: stylist, set design assistant, Candace Mc Beth: production assistant, Christy Hood, production assistant. 

This shoot took on a life of its own, which is what I hoped would happen.  Carla and Malia instantly began interacting with each other on the set to create a very funny set of images.  Everyone was in stitches laughing most of the time.  Carla and Malia were hysterical!

I hope you enjoy the satire, and also feel the deeper message contained within.

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