The Venetian Experience

— with —

Giuseppina Mabilia, Raina Stinson & Joanna Maclennan

Cooking & Photography | Two Arts, One Delightful Week

September 25 - October 2, 2019

Discover the Beauty of Venice & The Veneto

Join us for a cultural and visual feast in beautiful Venice and the Veneto. Uncover the hidden charms of Venetian culture and life with chef Giuseppina Mabilia, award-winning portrait photographer Raina Stinson and internationally published interiors photographer Joanna Maclennan. Together we will take you on a journey which will enrich and inspire you, all while staying in a secluded 17th century Venetian villa in the midst of the Venetian countryside.

This all-inclusive* week includes accommodation, meals, tours and workshops. Wednesday 25 September until Tuesday 2 October for 4400€ per person.

*excludes flights & flight transfers

Giuseppina, a native Venetian, will teach you the cuisine that has inspired her for years as a personal chef and cooking teacher. She will take you to traditional Venetian markets, show you how to forage, and will cook with you using Venetian from-scratch kitchen techniques.  In addition to feasting on delicious Venetian cuisine, Giuseppina will be sharing her love of her beautiful homeland throughout the retreat.  She has special knowledge about the food, drink, and culture of the Veneto that she loves to share.  You will be inspired with new knowledge of Venetian cooking, and bring home unique recipes.

Raina, an international award-winning portrait photographer will be sharing her process of how to tell a unique and powerful story through environmental portraiture.  She will teach you different ways of seeing and shaping light, composition, styling, use of props, and how to connect with your subject so that they can be their authentic self. Her instruction will deepen your visual awareness while imparting skills that will make your photography more satisfying and fun. During our retreat, Raina will be taking personalized portraits of each participant as a gift that you will take home.

Joanna, our guest artist, is an internationally known professional photographer, specialising in interior and still life photography.  In addition to her images being published in numerous magazines around the world, such as, The World of Interiors, she recently published her first book, The Foraged Home. Joanna will be teaching you her process of “slow photography”, creating beautiful still life’s, working with natural light inspired by foraged elements from the Venetian countryside and finds from the brocante.

Our week is thoughtfully designed to provide you with unique insights and adventures, and is open to eight participants only. Our guests can relax and learn, we will take care of the rest.

This is a personal experience with a part of European history that is as beautiful and vital today as it was artful and influential in the past. You will take with you new skills, beautiful memories and a deeper connection to Venice and the Veneto.

So, what are you waiting for?  Come join us!

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All photos © Raina Stinson