About Venice & The Veneto

Venice is one of the most famous cities in the world, along with Paris, London and New York. What makes Venice special for me is that it has been a glorious Republic for about 1,000 years, and its rich history and culture have influenced the entire Veneto region. Italy as a nation is only 157 years old, so you can understand why I define myself first as a Venetian and then as an Italian.

Venice is best known for the city and its canals but it is also, The Veneto. That’s why you can’t fully understand and appreciate Venice if you don’t experience its mainland. As a local who actually grew up in this area, I will present the authentic Venice. You will not only love the beautiful and mysterious city, but you will discover surrounding lands that make this region so unique with its magnificent palaces, villas, art and of course, the food. We’ll visit the islands of Venice in our private boat, visit a real brocante and go to the market in Rialto to buy provisions for a great Venetian dinner.

We will enjoy a Cicchetti and Spritz tour of Venice’s best Bacari.

We’ll spend a day in the Prosecco region, tasting and learning about this famous but misunderstood wine. We’ll see and savor Venice and The Veneto — for an adventure to remember.

Raina’s inspirational visual approach will preside over our excursions, deepening our awareness of the beauty and fascination all around us.

Please see the “daily schedule” page for more details.

– Giuseppina Mabilia

All photos © Raina Stinson